Half of January's tourists were from Germany. | Efe

There was an 18.8% increase in the number of foreign tourists who came to the Balearics in January. The Frontur survey of foreign tourist movement registered 141,922 visitors, while the Egatur survey of spending showed a total spend of 135 million euros.

The Balearics had the sixth highest number of foreign tourists. The top five regions were, in order: the Canaries, Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia. The German market contributed 49% of the Balearics January number; the UK 13.6%.

The 135 million euros spend was up 19.6% compared with January 2018, and the average spend per tourist was 953 euros. The average length of stay was 10.7 days, the highest in Spain.

Nationally there was tourist spending of 4,689 million euros, which was up 3.6%. There were 4.2 million tourists, with UK tourism - the largest contributor - having risen one per cent. German tourism went up almost three per cent.