The Marina de Bosc i Vent project will not now go ahead. | Efe

The contentious scheme to redevelop the port area in Alcudia has been dropped. Given the name of Marina de Bosc i Vent (forest and wind), the project had envisaged eight new buildings, a petrol station, moorings for 161 boats and a dry dock for seventy craft.

The Balearic Ports Authority's board of directors has annulled the tender that was to have been awarded to the Marina Aucanada Group by which the area was to be redeveloped and then managed for 22 years. This decision recognises a decision by the Balearic High Court in April 2017. This found in favour of Alcudia town hall, which had considered that the project's impact would be excessive.

The town hall also referred to an agreement signed with the ports authority in 2004 by which the use of public spaces were to be ceded to the municipality for up to 25 years. This agreement was one that enabled the ports authority to redevelop the dock and build the maritime station, which it did.

The ports authority's decision will also means that the town hall, if it wishes to, can have the administrative concession for the old Gesa swimming pool and the green zone that is by it.