Sandra Schwenn (right) and Lara Keszler. | Thom Hanreich

I bet you have never been driven around Palma in a classic London black cab/ Hackney carriage. Well I have and it's the most amazing experience, and it was not even my wedding day. Even Palma cabbies love it and will honk or wave as it goes past. It's the ultimate show stopper and, having been totally restored and lovingly cared for, it's in mint condition and a joy to sit back and travel in.

Business partners Sandra Schwenn and Lara Keszler, who form the LOOVE Weddings & Events Team, founded by Sandra, are the driving force behind this unique opportunity. After having slowly launched their new venture last year, they are now ready to hit the road running this year. A number of weddings and events have already booked the London cab, which comes with its special chauffeur who is all suited and booted.

Sandra is a former model, interior and fashion designer who studied in London. She not only fell in love with the city but its black cabs. She has always had a soft spot for cars. For her twentieth birthday her present was a Mustang 390 GT, the model driven by Steve McQueen in the classic film Bullitt. And guess what she got for her fiftieth birthday - a London cab.

Lara is an assistant film editor and has been involved in a number of major productions here in Majorca. She joined Sandra in her wedding and events project last year. Neither actually planned on living here, but one thing led to another and the quality of life, the quality time they are able to spend with friends and family proved just too much of an attraction, plus Sandra has previous knowledge of Ibiza. So she was no stranger to the Balearics and what the islands have to offer.

Via their weddings and events company they really want to spread the LOOVE. "As a location for a wedding or special event, Majorca is just perfect. It has everything. There is guaranteed good weather pretty much all year and there are so many idyllic and breathtaking spots - from excellent hotels to the coasts and the mountains - plus we’ve got such a high standard of catering companies on the island. It's just a first class spot and just a few hours flights from most European capitals.

"Everything is all so close. It's so compact, it’s a joy to work here and make people happy, to make sure they really do enjoy the most important day of their lives," Sandra said.

And they are both in love with their London cab. "I find it so relaxing to drive. It’s automatic, makes a lovely deep engine noise, driving her is like meditation for me. And it’s fun driving on the right."

Lara is equally excited about this year. "The taxi gives that extra edge and we’ve got the only one in Majorca. Our philosophy is to help create love and what better way than by doing something really unusual. And you can feel the soul of the taxi, it has a great atmosphere.

"We’ve had a lot of interest from the UK, Sweden, Germany and even Australia and we want to keep than momentum going. The cab is such an eye-catcher. She’s beautiful and cool; she even smells wonderful. For that perfect moment, the London can ticks all the boxes and more."

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