The petrol station robber being taken to court in Inca. | Miquel À. Cañellas

On Wednesday last week, 37-year-old Francisco José F.P. committed robberies at two petrol stations - one in Manacor, the other in Puerto Alcudia.

An Alcudia resident, he was detained by the Guardia Civil two hours after the second robbery. He was in his car along the calle Teodor Canet in Puerto Alcudia and was sniffing cocaine. Officers were able to confirm that he was the person who had been caught on CCTV.

He admitted that the only thing he had on his mind was to steal money for cocaine. On that day he had been to Son Banya in Palma on four occasions to buy coke. The first robbery in Manacor had been early in the day; the second in Alcudia was around four in the afternoon.

He appeared in the court at the weekend and was placed on remand.