The Don Pedro, where work has been taking place this winter.

Although the arguments continue to rage about the Don Pedro Hotel in Cala San Vicente - environmentalists GOB are insisting that it should be demolished - it has emerged that the hotel's impact could have been greater.

Built at the start of the 1970s, there were (and are) five floors. However, the original intention had been seven. The procedures for construction were established by the central government in Madrid. The Franco regime was obviously still in place then, but it was challenged by the town hall in Pollensa.

The current councillor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, says that the town hall successfully argued against there being seven floors. These would have further "disfigured" the image of Cala San Vicente, one that is marked by the legendary view of the Cavall Bernat.

The hotel was not built to the order of the owners. It was bought when it was under construction. Cifre hasn't found the relevant documentation that changed the plan to five floors but explains that the final building was in order and was "blessed".