The Provincial Court in Palma yesterday sentenced a man to two years in prison and a 3,000 euro fine for having attempted to avoid a fine and having attacked a National Police officer.

In December 2015, three officers were involved in stopping a vehicle that he was driving and searching the car and three occupants, having detected a strong smell of marijuana. Drugs were found, and they were told that they faced fines for possession. The driver then became cocky and started saying things like "you don't know who I am, I'm the son of La Paca (the drugs matriarch from Son Banya)".

An officer warned him that he would face an extra charge if he continued to behave in the way he was. He then produced 420 euros from a jacket pocket, and said: "Sorted, with this we can forget about the charges." The police responded by telling him that he would be arrested, at which point he hit one of the officers. The two of them fell to the ground, and he continued to punch the officer. He was restrained by the other officers and formally arrested.