The Gesa building in Palma. Conversion stopped? | Teresa Ayuga


Technicians at the Council of Majorca's heritage department have issued a report about the preservation of the Gesa building in Palma which all but rules out the possibility of converting it into a hotel or apartments.

The building, which is listed, would need to maintain its "predominant" characteristics, one of which is its internal open planning. Creating a hotel or apartments would clearly require partitioning.

As this is a technical report it isn't the final word. The heritage commission at the Council, on which politicians are represented, could decide to reject it. The plan put forward by Palma town hall, which was a means of trying to placate Endesa, envisages conversion for hotel or residential use.

The report also recommends amending criteria for the building's listed status. These would involve increasing the degree of protection. Ultimately, this means, as far as the technicians are concerned, that uses of the building need to be in keeping with preservation values, of which the opening planning is one.