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Gesa building in Palma, Mallorca

Gesa building in Palma, Mallorca

The Gesa building as it is currently.

Pilar Pellicer 11/12/2022

Gesa building in Palma, Mallorca

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When will Palma's Gesa building be restored?

There was an agreement in January 2021 regarding use, but that's as far as it goes.

Andrew Ede11/12/2022 14:44

Palma, Mallorca

Palma, Mallorca

The Gesa building in the background.

Jaume Morey 17/02/2021

Gesa building in Palma, Mallorca

Gesa building in Palma, Mallorca

Agreement has finally been reached for the future of the Gesa building.

Teresa Ayuga 21/01/2021

The Gesa building in Palma. Conversion stopped?


Council report could prevent Gesa building conversion

Protected status should be raised, it is argued, and maintain elements such as interior open planning.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/03/2019 17:42



Gesa building land negotiations a "scam"

The Partido Popular believes that the seafront properties will be built, regardless of what the town hall says.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/09/2018 14:40

The town hall wants a park and no development.


Town hall returns Gesa land to Endesa

Palma town hall is insisting that there can't be any building on the land and that there should be a park.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/06/2018 00:00

Could the Gesa building include a proposed tourism museum?


New proposal for a tourism museum

El Pi are suggesting that the Gesa building could house the tourism museum.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/12/2017 00:00

Negotiations over Gesa building


Negotiations over Gesa building

The legal situation in respect of the Gesa building hasn’t changed, but Noguera doesn’t believe that this should put a brake on its rehabilitation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/09/2015 00:00