Winter was warm, and spring is expected to be warmer than normal. | Archive

Spring is forecast to warmer and drier than normal. Aemet, which provides forecasts based on a reference period from 1981 to 2010, indicates that for the April to June quarter, the average temperature is expected to be above the usual 18C.

As for winter, Aemet reports that there was very little deviation from the norm in terms of temperature: the average was 0.1C above the typical 11C. Maximum and minimum temperatures were well above and well below average and therefore cancelled each other out. The average high at Son Sant Joan Airport was 16.8C, the second highest winter temperature since 1973. At other weather stations, record highs were registered - Portopi, 23.1C, and Llucmajor, 21.8C. The highest temperature was 25.2C in Calvia in early December.

There weren't any extended cold spells during the winter, but there were more frosts than usual. Lluc had 31 days with frost, eight more than usual. Rainfall was 53% lower than normal. The typical average amount is 157.5 litres per square metre; there were 75.5.