The Nao Victoria replica during a visit to Alcudia. | Antoni Pol

The replica of the Nao Victoria ship, the original of which was the only one of five to complete the first circumnavigation of the world, will be at Palma's Club de Mar for five days starting on Friday, 5 April; the times for visits will be ten in the morning until seven in the evening.

The stopover in Palma is part of an international tour by the ship to mark the five hundredth anniversary of the expedition having set sail from Seville. The ship was under the command of Ferdinand Magellan, who was killed in the Philippines in 1521. Juan Sebastian Elcano took over command of the Nao Victoria. He and a crew of eighteen arrived back in Spain in September 1522.

The replica is 26 metres in length and is made from pine and oak wood. Visitors will be able to get a sense of how life was onboard for the seamen who took part in one of the great adventures in history.