A beach seller in Playa de Palma. | Julio Bastida

On a day in June 2017, a 33-year-old Indian citizen, Gursevak S., approached a fellow countryman on the beach in Arenal. Both were illegal sellers, but Gursevak claimed a certain right to the area by Balneario 6. "The beach is mine," he said and demanded 50 euros from the other seller in order to allow him to sell.

The demand was refused. There was a fight and the other seller was punched and knocked to the ground. His assailant then produced a knife and stabbed him in the left leg. The victim had a slash of five centimetres length and needed twenty days to fully recover.

The case is now coming to court. The prosecution service is calling for a three-year sentence and a fine of some 3,000 euros. The accused will be required to not go within 500 metres of the victim for a period of five years, while he will also be expected to pay the victim 2,489 euros in compensation for the injuries. The lawyer for the victim is wanting a six-year sentence.