Occupancy of up to 85% is being forecast for Easter. | Archive

Spain's Hotels Confederation (Cehat) is anticipating a "very good" Easter, largely because of greatly inproved domestic demand. Travel agencies report increased sales in the region of ten per cent. In general terms in the main visitor destinations, average occupancy of 60% is forecast for Holy Week, with this rising to 80 or 85% for the holiday days, therefore Thursday through to Sunday/Monday.

The downside is that hoteliers are likely to have to accept lower profits because of discounts which have been offered. A factor that could influence business during Holy Week is of course the weather.

Meanwhile, there are always industrial relations. The cleaners' strike at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport has been called off, but there is the potential for greater disruption from a strike by handling workers at airports across the country. A strike is currently scheduled for Easter Saturday and Sunday. In addition, pilots with Air Nostrum are set to strike on Easter Monday and other days this month.