Have you seen this man?

The sister of 31-year-old Rem Kingston who was last seen at 5am on March 22 on board a ferry bound for Palma from Valencia via Ibiza, is full of praise and is extremely grateful for everyone, from the police to the media and the local community for all of the help that has been given to find Rem Kingston who was initially thought to have fallen over board during the crossing.

Megan, was the first to express doubts that her brother, who has mental health issues, did not fall over board.

He was bringing a car over to Majorca, where the family had just bought a house, with his mother, when he want missing and Megan believes that he may had hidden away somewhere on the ferry, come ashore in Palma and is hiding out somewhere, or remained on board and travelled back to Valencia, perhaps even getting off in Ibiza.

“My mother and I have not returned to the UK since and are not sure when it would be possible to leave at this time. We want Rem home to his friends and family who love him and his warm, loving personality, dearly. He was due to have been running a comedy and DJ night in Luxembourg over the coming weekends, they have now been cancelled by close friends who flew to Luxembourg to inform his colleagues.

“We are so grateful for his amazing friends and it shows his pure friendships and relationships he has throughout the world.

“The Spanish authorities have his photograph and information, but we are again calling on the public to keep an eye out for him and to take him to these authorities. If anyone has seen Rem, knows where he is or believe they are helping him – please contact the Police, for my brother’s safety. He is so loved,” Megan said.

“Last week, the Spanish authorities authorised another search of the sea whereby they did not find anything.

“It was confirmed again that he could be in Palma… or further by now, Ibiza or main land Spain making his way elsewhere.

“He does not have his passport on him but does have his driver’s license.

“He will be very confused and was in a paranoid state which is likely to continue and get worse. If you do see him, alert the police and if approaching, approach with kindness.

“Due to resources, the Spanish police have alerts set up at hospitals and homeless shelters etc. but cannot actively search for him on land nor at sea.

“The search has now had to go private whereby I have set up a crowdfunding page. It will help with posters and marketing to get Rem’s name and face out there for members of the public to spot him on land.

“The search is so wide now though, across the Balearics and mainland, that I just need people to help and come together to get him home.

“A helicopter was been funded via the public to search the sea last week with no sightings. We are calling on the public to continue their support so we can search on behalf of Rem, his family and his amazing friends to bring everyone’s beloved Rem home. The helicopter search resumed yesterday, weather permitting, to cover the sea whilst we are working on land with the public to locate him.

“The day he went missing and the following day, the navy, maritime search and rescue helicopters and boats were out along with a French aircraft that was flying in the area, heard the beacon and requested to join in the search. The beacon is signalled at sea throughout the Mediterranean every 30 minutes for sea traffic to approach with caution and keep a look out. Nothing has been found. We are determined to focus on the positive news that brings, that he is on land and needs our help.

“Rem’s focus of life is to make people happy and see other’s having fun.

Therefore, any surplus donations we are donating to Mind charity (registered charity no. 219830) to help other’s in need of mental health support,” Megan said.