The scene of the accident.

A driver is in custoidy after testing positive on Thursday afternoon after running over a one-year-old boy on a street in the Palma neighborhood of La Soledad.

The driver fled the scene after the accident for fear of being lynched by the gypsy families that surrounded his car.

The incident took place in Calle Teix , where a group of children were played inside a garage.

Suddenly, a one-year-old boy dashed out into the street and crossed the road in front of the approaching car.

The child was left lying on the ground, in a serious condition, and then tensions rose when the family surrounded the vehicle, banging on it and demading for the driver to get out of the vehicle.

But, fearing for his life, he ditched the car and ran off, leaving the engine running.

However, it seems that he then telephoned the emergency services.

The child, at first, was evacuated to Son Llàtzer hospital, accompanied by dozens of gypsy relatives, some of which were very nervous and shouting, forcing the National Poloice to be called to restore some order.

Meanwhile, Palma Local Police has located and arrested the driver who tested positive for drugs.

On Friday, the one-year-old was transferred to Son Espases hospital for further treatment and the local police were on hand to prevent any more problems from the hundreds of gypsies who also moved to the hospital. Yesterday, the child remained in hospital in a critical condition.