Crew members from the Abraham Lincoln heading off for shore leave. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The stay in Palma of USS Abraham Lincoln has brought benefits to businesses. Average daily spending by the some 6,000 crew is put at around 200 euros per person. In total, the aircraft carrier's stopover in Palma is expected to generate six million euros.

Sources from the restaurant, retail and transport sectors concur in pointing to a 20% increase in revenue. Consignee Lantimar, which is in charge of logistics for the ship in terms of provisioning, contracts for boats, coaches and taxis, and hotel and holiday rental bookings, acknowledges that doing business with ships such as the Abraham Lincoln is very profitable.

As well as the regular crew, the ship has specialist teams and military intelligence personnel. Palma itself and Magalluf are the centres chosen for short breaks, wiith four and five-star hotels having been booked. For the taxi drivers, Biel Moragues says that revenue is up by 30%. Their business includes providing people carriers for senior officers.

In the shops, sales have mainly been of technology products, sports clothing and fashion.