One of the cars that was burnt out.

21-04-2019Julio Bastida

The Palma pyromaniac has struck again. At twenty past five on Sunday morning the emergency services were alerted to a fire on the calle Poeta Guillem Colom; rubbish containers had once more been set ablaze.

Unlike most other incidents, this one posed a genuine threat to property. In fact, the first three floors of a building were affected. Tables and bikes on balconies caught fire. Glass windows were shattered, two cars were gutted and two more were partially damaged.

A resident praised the bravery of local police. The temperature at the door to the building was great. One officer's hands were burned as the police went from door to door to evacuate residents to the rooftop. The stairways were full of toxic smoke.

The town hall and the Emaya municipal services agency have come for fierce criticism from residents. In March last year they had denounced the location of the rubbish containers right by the entrance to the building. Emaya responded by saying there was no viable alternative location. The town hall will be denounced over the Sunday fire.

On Monday, the National Police arrested two men in connection with this incident.

Since January last year, there have been numerous fires in different parts of Palma. Some 350 rubbish containers have been set alight. The police have suspected that one individual has been mostly responsible.