There are currently 361 charging points in the Balearics. | Javier Coll

Over the next two years, the government is to provide 8.7 million euros for the installation of 561 new charging points for electric vehicles. There are currently 361.

Transport and energy minister Marc Pons said yesterday that the government wants to be able to guarantee supply for all electric vehicles and is preparing for the movement away from polluting cars.

The existing charging points have predominantly been installed by public authorities. For the new ones, 371 will be put in by businesses. The government funding equates to 40% of the cost. A condition is that the charging points have to be available 24/7.

Two hundred of the new points will be rapid ones; a vehicle can be fully charged in fifteen minutes. The cost of charging is around five euros.

The government is to also launch a mobile app which will show all charging points. It will be available from next week and, from the summer, will provide a means of payment for charging.