Arrest made at the Cuber reservoir car park. | Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil have scored a second success in arresting individuals stealing from cars parked at Tramuntana mountains beauty spots.

At the weekend, three males were detained at the car park near to the Cuber reservoir. The arrests came as a consequence of one of the surveillance operations that have been launched at mirador viewing-points and other places in the Tramuntana.

Officers observed three individuals acting suspiciously. They then saw one of the three attempting to break into a vehicle while the other two kept watch. The three were arrested immediately. A search of their car revealed stolen items and cash.

The three have appeared in court and been released on charges, one of them with an order to stay away from miradors in Escorca.

Two months ago, three males were arrested by the Guardia Civil at the Sa Casa Nova mirador, also in Escorca.