The number of gates is to be increased at the airport. | Archive

The Balearics Environment Commission has asked the airports authority Aena to include provision for a tram terminal in its plans for redevelopment of Son Sant Joan Airport.

Under the Aena plan, which doesn't envisage using any new land, there will be revised layout for specific parts of the airport. The remodelling will affect, for example, module A, where thirteen new gates are planned, module D and its commercial area, and parking.

The commission, which is a regional government body, the president of which is currently from Més, has taken some exception to there being provision for more parking. Public transport is being neglected, the commission argues, and so therefore will not represent an improvement because of the consequent increase in emissions from vehicles.

Aena is being asked to conduct a "profound" analysis of the impact of its redevelopment on the local landscape. The commission suggests that insufficient attention is being paid to visual impact, while it believes that similar profound analysis should be made of the consequences of increased passenger numbers. Factors such as "saturation" need to be considered.

The regional government has a plan for a tram system from the centre of Palma to the airport. Therefore, the tram terminal and space for lines will need to be included in the Aena scheme.