The Cala Torta chiringuito is to go. | Assumpta Bassa


The Costas Authority has ordered the closure and dismantling of the chiringuito beach bar at Cala Torta in Arta (Majorca).

The order comes almost a year after the concession for the bar ran out, the chiringuito having been the source of controversy since 1994. Certain irregularities and infractions have been denounced on various occasions by environmentalist groups and Arta town hall, which wants to protect the dunes system at the cove.

The directorate for the sustainability of the coasts, which comes under the national ministry for ecological transition, passed a resolution towards the end of last month which declared categorically that the concession had expired and that there would be no special extension. The state has therefore officially recovered the space and will set in motion the dismantling of the chiringuito.

Although the concession had ended, the bar continued to open for the remainder of last summer and then reopened at the start of May without a licence. The bar has been at Cala Torta since 1968. A concession was given by ministerial order. This was transferred in 1972 to another person, who died four years ago. A further official transfer was ultimately turned down by the Costas at the end of April this year.

The chiringuito is likely to be replaced with a demountable one. Permanent structures, such as the current one, are no longer permitted in protected coastal areas. They have to be temporary for the duration of the season.