Scooters are parked illegally and cause a nuisance.

Playa de Palma businesses have made several reports to the police, denouncing what they describe as the "unsustainable situation" with the sale of alcohol to minors.

Nightlife concerns indicate that supermarkets, and they have identified two in particular, are open until six in the morning and sell alcohol to underage drinkers. The clubs say that there is a particular problem with the so-called study holidays by teenagers, which are essentially a front for partying and getting drunk. The teenagers hide small bottles containing alcohol and then drink in the toilets. The clubs have begun recording images of what is happening and presenting these to teachers who are supposedly accompanying these youngsters.

The clubs are placed in a difficult situation as it may appear as if they have been selling alcohol illegally. They maintain that the problem with drinking gets worse each summer.

Another problem concerns scooters for hire, which are parked without permission on the public way. A resident has called on Palma police to close all the companies engaged in this on a provisional basis so that they come to respect residents' rights and traffic safety.

There has apparently been a doubling in the number of these companies, whose customers fail to abide by the rules of the road; their respect for the norms of behaviour and coexistence is zero.

The scooters were first denounced to the police three years ago because of the risks posed to pedestrians, their speed and the constant use of klaxons. There has been no solution, and so the matter is now being taken up with the traffic safety prosecution service. The town hall's public safety department insists that it will respond to the complaints and continue with the efforts that have been made until now.