Queuing for the car park at Formentor beach. | Som Pollença


Restrictions on traffic as far as the lighthouse in Formentor have been in place for more than a week, but these would appear to have added to traffic congestion going to the beach, which is where the restriction starts. There are lengthy tailbacks along the road from Puerto Pollensa.

The traffic directorate says that it will have to continue introducing measures in order to cut the congestion but adds that it is not uncommon for the road. One of the main problems is the lack of public car parking for the beach and therefore the ability to absorb the number of vehicles. The only car park is private. When it's full, cars have nowhere to go. The result is queuing in order to wait for spaces, and trapped in the queues can be the shuttle bus. Turning round and going back to Puerto Pollensa is difficult because of the narrowness of the road.

When the restrictions were introduced last year, there were warnings about the knock-on effect. It was argued that measures should apply from Puerto Pollensa. Mayor Tomeu Cifre says that he and the Unió Mollera Pollencina, the Puerto Pollensa party which is a partner in his coalition administration, will be drafting a plan and discussing the matter with the Council of Majorca, which is responsible for the road. The idea is to close the road to traffic from Puerto Pollensa at certain times and especially when the car park is full.