Pupils at Llaüt College, photographed giving a Nazi salute.

A teacher at Llaüt College in Palma, at the centre of a row over a photo of pupils giving a fascist salute, has been temporarily suspended without pay.

After the photo appeared on social networks and generated a great deal of controversy, the school tried to find out who had taken it. Inspectors from the education ministry were brought in, and they established that a teacher - the one now suspended - had been asked to take the photo by the pupils.

The teacher is said to be aware of the seriousness of the matter, has apologised and assumed full responsibility. The school has also apologised publicly and has described the affair as "very serious and totally improper" and against its educational values.

To add to the controversy, Llaüt College, which is "concertado" - like being grant-maintained - is an Opus Dei school.