This summer is going to be a hot one.

There has been no real let up in the hot weather of the past few days and another increase in temperatures is being forecast for the weekend in Majorca.

Temperatures are going to climb slightly today and the emergency services are preparing themselves for another hot weekend.

The Met. office warned earlier this year that this summer is going to be hotter than usual and so far, they have been on the nail.

Three people have died over the past ten days due to heat related conditions.
And yesterday, Spanish met. office spokesperson, Jose Angel Nuñez, said that heatwaves in Spain are now ten times more frequent than they were at the turn of the century.

Last month was the hottest June in Spain for the past 40 years and while, at the turn of the century, heatwaves used to occur every 30 years, now it is every 3.7 years and they are going to become even more frequent and last for longer periods, Nuñez explained.

He said that it is quite obvious that climate change is key to the adverse weather conditions but he stressed that greater action has to be taken to curb the primary causes of climate change, such as C02 emissions.

Nuñez added that while heatwaves have become more common in areas like the Balearics over the past century, such high temperatures during the month of June are unusual with July and August traditionally the peak months for peak maximum temperatures.

However, based on recent data, summers in the Balearics are becoming longer and harsher.