An exclusive image of the four being arrested at Palma airport on Thursday morning.

The Guardia Civil were yesterday continuing their investigation into the alleged gang rape, by a group of four German holidaymakers, of a fellow 18-year-old compatriot in Cala Ratjada earlier this week.

All four were arrested on Thursday morning as they were about to board a plane back to Germany at Palma airport.

One has since been released but three remained ion custody and were being questioned at the Guardia Civil barracks in Arta yesterday as investigators try to get to the bottom of what exactly happened at the hotel in which the four men were staying.

It is believed that two of the four sexually assaulted the teenage girl they met while out for drinks on Wednesday night in the resort. The sexual attack was not filmed with a mobile phone.

Guardia Civil spokesperson Francisco Molino said yesterday that few details can be released due to the investigation being ongoing.

“What I can confirm is that we have taken statements from each of the three in custody and others we believe may be able to shed more light on what happened. However, we have at least 10 other eye witnesses to question, but in principal it does appear that only two of the four actually sexually assaulted the girl.” He also confirmed that the four were attempting to try and slip through the airport separately in order to avoid getting caught after the victim reported the matter to the police and was taken to hospital for a medical examination which, it would appear, corroborates her claim.

The three will remain in custody until the Guardia Civil are satisfied with their inquiries and they will then appear before a remand hearing today.