Cruise ships

Several cruise ships moored at Palma's port.


Over 10,000 signatures have been gathered for a petition calling for limits on cruise ships and cruise passengers in Palma.

The petition is the initiative of various residents associations and pressure groups. It has been led by the Palma XXI organisation and has received the backing of some notable celebrities in Majorca, e.g. the singer Maria del Mar Bonet. It is to be presented at the Balearic government's Consolat de Mar headquarters on Monday. Palma XXI say that they will be seeking meetings with the government in order to explain the public mood regarding cruise ships.

The main demand is that there be a maximum of 4,000 passengers who leave ships and go into Palma on any given day. A limit of one ship per day is also being sought. A further demand has to do with pollution control.

This, as well as the call for limiting numbers, is aimed at the Balearic Ports Authority, the state entity that has responsibility for the port. The Spanish government announced earlier this week that it wants to use drones with sensors for checking on cruise-ship sulphur levels.


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Ron / Hace over 2 years

MelB. Yes - Many of us readers used to be able on comment on all the artices. Jason did get a certain amount of criticism, but I don't think comments were pulled because of that. I think the criticism of Més policies in government and the fact that tourism would suffer badly due to the tourist tax was too much for the editor to deal with. All those predictions have of course become true!


Cb / Hace over 2 years

They won’t let us comment because they don’t have the people power to remove negative comments about MDB’s main editorial line from Mr Moore, which true to his name is More More More for Mallorca. more tourists, more pollution, more shopping centres, more cruise ships or else we are all doomed doomed doomed! If he were in charge of the island it really would be doomed.


James / Hace over 2 years



Tina / Hace over 2 years

Stan I went on my first ever cruise two years ago - I thought I would hate it but actually it opened my eyes. Two adults, two teenagers and we spent easily between 200 and 300 euros depending on the location, in each stop off point. We hired a taxi, coffees, and lunch and shopping, ice cream, paid to go into some museums etc. So that is a comment about All Inclusive that I also had. Secondly not everyone heads into Palma, many take the organised tours from the boat. I was totally appalled to see as we got off the boat in Palma, you could not even get a taxi as there were none there to pick up even though a large queue and many were leaving the boat to stay for a week in an hotel in Mallorca. Everywhere else we went too was organised and efficient. Mallorca was a disappointment and I LIVE here.


Stan / Hace over 2 years

If the shops in Palma are open (Sundays).. I wonder how much their takings increase from Cruise Passengers. My guess is not much!. Passengers are on All Inclusive So ,I don't think they spend a great amount.


chris atkin / Hace over 2 years

My comment was in reply to MelB and James.


chris atkin / Hace over 2 years

I strongly suspect the Magaluf situation was responsible.


Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

Bill - if you had added some punctuation your comment would have made more sense.


bill ackroyd / Hace over 2 years

i keep reading about the hard times bars hotels and restaurants are having in mallorca the truth is it has become too expensive for people and the answer seems if it is quite to put up the price of goods i heard a good comment 5weeks ago in pollenca speaking to a bar owner i passed my comments to him his answer was but we have to live in winter when we are closed people are spending there money in the supermarkets on food and drinks and staying in there villas it is not bad when a person lives for 12months and only works 6


james / Hace over 2 years

I agree with MelB. It would be nice to add our comments on every article