Michael Douglas with the cake. | T. AYUGA

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and their son Dylan have been on holiday in Majorca, staying at the S’Estaca estate in Valldemossa that Douglas and his ex-wife, Diandra, bought thirty years ago.

On Thursday, they visited the Charterhouse in Valldemossa and posed for photos in the gardens. Douglas said that the estate is still up for sale, adding that, if one day they leave S’Estaca, Majorca will continue to be in their hearts and in their lives. Zeta-Jones said that it was a lie that she doesn’t like Majorca (as has been suggested by some commentators). It was in Majorca where she fell in love with Douglas, and it was Majorca to which she came with her parents on many occasions. “I have many memories.” Commenting on his role as an ambassador for Majorca, Douglas observed that it is not difficult to be an ambassador.

“The island makes it easy to be so.”

To honour his thirty years at S’Estaca, Michael Douglas was presented with a swiftly arranged cake from the Ángel Cortés bakery.

A video was released last month to promote the sale of S’Estaca. Douglas appeared in this and recalled the estate’s history; the property was built in 1867 for the Austrian Archduke Louis Salvador. S’Estaca is now valued at 28.5 million euros, roughly half of the original asking price five years ago.