Police on the scene.

Since the start of June, the National Police in Playa de Palma have arrested 145 individuals for various offences.

The greatest number, 47, have been for theft.

Others include sixteen for drug dealing, fourteen for injury or making threats, nine for robbery with violence, seven for infringements of immigration law and one for attempted murder.

More Spaniards, forty, have been arrested than foreigners.

Of those from other countries, German nationals head the list with 25, followed by 18 Romanians and nine Nigerians. No Britons have been among those detained.

The police say that during seventy actions against drugs and weapons, identification of some 600 people was demanded.

They explain that the different operations are continuous and are especially at weekends and at nighttime. Particular attention is being paid to the beach at night, as robberies frequently occur. This can be because people have gone swimming or are engaged in “amorous” activities.

The local police have been involved with National Police operations, and others that are being highlighted are interventions in fights between tourists, drug dealing (in particular by illegal street sellers), territorial disputes between these sellers and robbery with violence by women who masquerade as prostitutes.