Protesters infront of Marivent Palace.

A group calling itself Arruix Borbons staged a small gathering yesterday morning outside the Marivent Palace in Palma, the royal family's residence when on holiday in Majorca. The group declared its rejection of the monarchy and opposition to the royal family coming to the island in summer.

The five representatives said that there will be two demonstrations. One will be on the day when King Felipe hosts the annual reception for Balearic society at the Almudaina Palace. The other is scheduled for the first of August, which is when another group, Cantaires per la llibertat, will be showing their support for political prisoners in Catalonia.

The Arruix Borbons group has representation from organisations such as Arran and certain political parties, e.g. the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Republican Left). The name of the group translates as something like drive out the Bourbons.