Boats anchoring. | GOB

Between the middle of May and last Saturday, the posidonia sea grass surveillance service made 2,479 boats move on because they were anchored over posidonia.

During this period, 23,887 checks were made by the service; 5,485 boat owners/skippers were given information about the posidonia regulations.

Altogether, 2,918 owners asked where they should ideally drop anchor.

Environment minister Miquel Mir believes that this latter figure is very encouraging as it shows that there is awareness of the need to conserve posidonia.
The minister adds that fifteen boats are being used by the service in the whole of the Balearics.

The service involves collaboration between the ministry, its Ibanat agency and personnel from the marine reserves.

Over the past two months, he notes, the 112 emergency service has received 107 calls reporting suspected illegal anchoring.