Anti-bullfighting protest in Palma on Friday. | Teresa Ayuga


Some 300 anti-bullfight protesters gathered in front of Palma's Coliseo Balear bullring arena on Friday night.

Organised by the Assaib Balearics association for animal rights, the protesters called for the abolition of bullfighting and stated that Majorca is pro-animal. Cristina Ibáñez of the AnimaNaturalis association in Barcelona, who had come to Majorca for the protest, took some consolation from the fact that the Palma event was the only one to take place in Majorca this summer. (Bullfights have normally also been held in Alcudia, Inca and Muro, but these have not been staged this year.)

There were around twenty pro-bullfight demonstrators. The National Police kept the two groups well apart.

The bullfight is only happening because the national Constitutional Court annulled aspects of Balearic legislation which, although it didn't ban bullfighting outright, had been intended to make the staging of bullfights untenable.