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Anti-bullfighting protest in Palma on Friday.

Animal welfare

Protest against Palma bullfight

Around 300 people gathered to protest against the bullfight.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/08/2019 20:29

Bullring in Palma

Animal welfare

Animal rights associations demand that the bullfight is prevented

The association wants to put pressure on the town hall and relevant government ministries so that they prevent the bullfight.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/08/2019 15:37

Animal rights groups have long sought an end to horse carriages in Palma.

Animal welfare

Animal rights group demanding an end to Palma horse carriages

"Up to now absolutely nothing has changed and the horses have suffered another summer of exploitation."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/09/2017 00:00

Animal-welfare legislation in the Balearics was due to have been reformed this year.

Animal welfare

Animal-rights groups plan protests if bullfighting law is not approved

"It is incomprehensible that after more than 450 days (in government) they have been unable to approve the law."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/12/2016 00:00