Es Trenc beach

Es Trenc beach covered with algae.


At the start of July, an inspection of Es Trenc beach was made by personnel from the regional directorate for emergencies and internal government. The subsequent report referred to the accumulation of posidonia algae at the Sa Rapita and Ses Covetes parts of the beach. This represented a greatly increased risk factor. It should be eliminated in order to assure the "physical integrity" of beach users.

Campos town hall is among those to have voiced concerns at the amount of algae and at the problems with removing it. The mayor, Xisca Porquer, says that the report highlights the fact that the seaweed occupies an area two metres wide on the beach and three metres in the sea. There is a consequent danger to swimmers, while difficulties are posed for lifeguards.

The town hall has been in contact with the environment ministry. It has stressed the "economic importance" of posidonia but has added that the town hall can submit a request for removing the algae if this is considered to be necessary. The town hall hadn't done this up until now, and this was because it had been under the impression that it wasn't possible. Regulations that govern what is now the Es Trenc Nature Park prohibit the removal of posidonia waste from the sea and also from the beach, so long as it is still damp.

Given the information in the report from a directorate which falls under a different ministry, the town hall has now requested authorisation to remove the detritus, even though it doubts if the environment ministry will grant it.


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John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

Politicians in the Balearics actually make Uk politicians look efficient and competent ! Little wonder Spain has a General Election every 12 months. Cannot understand why the Mallorca public put up with such buck passing incompetence.


MelB / Hace over 2 years

If it takes that many departments to deal with seaweed, what hope have us mere mortals got!


David Graham / Hace over 2 years

The general consensus by us British is that The Mallorcan Government will be happy to accept our tourist Euros providing we stayed in the UK