The superyacht D'Anglaterre on fire at es Trenc. | Ultima Hora

The luxury yacht that caught fire on Saturday at es Trenc ended up sinking when it was towed to Palma and remains at a depth of more than 50 metres, Salvamento Marítimo has reported.

They explained that, when it was towed, the flames reignited and the yacht ended up sinking about five miles south of Cabo Blanco.

Salvamento Marítimo was able to recover one of the fuel tanks that ended up floating in the sea. It has been confirmed that there was no oil spill in the area.

As previously reported, the event took place around five o'clock in the afternoon when a fire broke out on the rented yacht.

The 15 passengers, tourists and crew on board left the yacht in time and no one was injured.

Two salvage vessels, Salvamar Acrux and Illes Pitüses, rescued all the occupants and then extinguished the fire.

The Balearic Institute of Nature (Ibanat), of the Balearic Government, also mobilized a small firefighting plane to help extinguish the flames.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.