Lightning strikes over Puerto Soller. | Isabella James Sheffield /Puerto Soller


The temperature registered at Plaza España at 9.30am was a cool 24º, a drop of 6º from the past few weeks.

Rain showers in Palma

With lower temperatures today and low cloud we are definitely in for some scattered showers. There is a chance of some localised storms and a risk of hail.

There has already been some serious flooding in Ibiza and Formentera. See more videos here.

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The airport in Ibiza registered over 41l7m2 in 40 minutes.

Aemet have advised we are still on orange alert today, with a yellow alert for tomorrow.

The rains and storms already affecting Ibiza have caused major complications in road and air traffic. The cold front storm is now heading towards Majorca and Emergencies 112 have advised citizens to take precautions.