85% of people removed craft and other items voluntarily. | Ajuntament de Pollença


Pollensa town hall has requisitioned twelve boats that were anchored "irregularly" in Pollensa Bay off Albercuix beach. The boats will be kept at municipal facilities until owners claim them.

The Costas Authority has meanwhile reported four other boats that were in the swimming zone.

Ninety-one owners of various types of watercraft took these away after having been advised that the town hall and Costas were undertaking an operation against unauthorised anchoring. These included, for example, dinghies, canoes and jetskis.

On Monday, some 150 means of anchoring were removed by the town hall; for the most part these were concrete blocks. The town hall's environment technician, Toni March, says that these posed a risk to bathers.

More than half of these corresponded to people who are not resident in Pollensa. Rusted iron waste was taken away as were a battery and plastic items.

Mayor Tomeu Cifre explains that 85% of people removed craft and other items voluntarily.

They knew that they would have to, as the town hall has previously acted against unauthorised mooring. Cifre says that there have been "four years of inactivity during which things have got out of control". In other words, he was blaming the previous administration.

The mayor adds that the town hall and the Costas will be looking at future solutions for small craft to be anchored legally. Floating piers would be one possibility.