National Police.

Both men have been detained by the National Police.

03-09-2019A. SEPULVEDA

Two people were arrested by the National Police for violent muggings in Palma at the weekend.

The first arrest was of an individual who attacked a Canadian tourist on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at around 4.30am on the Paseo Marítimo in the vicinity of Sa Feixina Park.

The tourist was punched repeatedly in the face before handing over a wallet.

A passer-by ran after the attacker, and then a National Police patrol spotted him throwing the wallet into some shrubbery. He was detained shortly afterwards.

The second incident occurred around midday on Sunday in Son Ferriol.

A disabled man was attacked from behind by a 34-year-old, said to be Moroccan, who grabbed him in a chokehold, started punching him and forced him into handing over his wallet.

A passer-by gave chase, lost sight of the attacker but was able to give a National Police patrol a description. A search of the area led to his arrest soon afterwards.


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Torben / Hace over 2 years

The naivity of the EU seems to have lost its control to secure its citizens.


Ricky / Hace over 2 years

Palma has been getting worse for years, but at least the police seem to be responding now. In 2002 I was brutally beaten by five Eastern Europeans on the Paseo at 10 in the morning, right by a taxi rank. I went to the local station to report it but the lack of interest was...disappointing. And the taxi drivers (four of them) saw it all and did not help me. To this day I have not taken a taxi on the island.


Mike / Hace over 2 years

And they have the nerve to want to check British passports they need to check the rest of the eu passports a bit more thorough not let them in with just a points card from carrefour he probably got to Majorca through Germany as an illegal immigrant


FredT / Hace over 2 years

A moroccan committing a crime. Well who would have thought?