Although not the main source of water, the reservoirs are low. | Pau Figuerola


With a state of pre-alert for drought having been declared for most of Majorca, only two water demand units on the island are not covered by this - Arta and the Pla (plain).

Water reserves at the end of August were 49% for the whole of the Balearics and 50% in Majorca.

Pre-alert for drought means that various measures can be adopted, such as increasing water rates, buying in more desalinated supply and preparing reserve wells in case the situation is prolonged.

The declarations will remain in place at least until November, even if there is the usual rainfall between now and then.

With the tourism season ending in October, demand will fall, a factor which should help in improving the situation.

In August, average rainfall in Majorca was 17.7 litres per square metre, 2.8 litres below the historical average.

The last time there were pre-alert declarations at this time of year was in 2016, when reserves in Majorca went down to 39%.