Brexit meeting

Left to right: Lloyd Milen, British Consul General; Sue Wilson, Bremain in Spain; HMA Hugh Elliott; Debbie Williams, Brexpats.

09-09-2019British Embassy, Madrid

The new British Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Hugh Elliott, met last week with members of three of the groups representing British nationals in Spain: Bremain in Spain, Brexpats Hear our Voice and EuroCitizens. They discussed the issues affecting the more than 300,000 British citizens who have made Spain their home.

Ambassador Hugh Elliott said: “Protecting the rights of UK nationals in the EU is an absolute priority for the UK Government. That’s why it was so important for me to meet some of the groups that represent UK nationals during my first official week as British Ambassador to Spain. We have had frank conversations and I have learned a lot about what matters to our citizens living here, and how people feel. I and my team will continue to work hard to address any outstanding issues."

“I welcome what Spain has done to protect British nationals here, including through the Royal Decree. It is important citizens take action to ensure that they can access the rights laid out in that decree: registering for residency, checking that they are covered for healthcare, checking their passport is valid for travel and exchanging their UK driving licence for a local one.”

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain said: “It was a pleasure to meet the Ambassador and his staff, and to discuss ongoing collaboration in the best interests of our members. We are encouraged by the depth of understanding of the issues we face, and of the anxiety caused by the ongoing political situation. Clearly there is a willingness and determination to provide much-needed guidance and information, and I look forward to working together further to achieve those aims.”

Debbie Williams, Founder, Brexpats – Hear our Voice said: “I was delighted to meet Mr and Mrs Elliott, Mr Milen and the consular team. The meeting was insightful, friendly, frank and open. We discussed our ongoing concerns, and I look forward to further communications, working together to help and support British Citizens living in Spain.”

Michael Harris, President of EuroCitizens said: “EuroCitizens members remain concerned about the reciprocity clauses in the no-deal contingency plans of the Spanish Royal Decree 5/2019: we emphasised to the Ambassador that the treatment of Spanish citizens in the UK could invalidate protection for UK citizens in Spain. We have presented a summary of the status of our rights in different Brexit scenarios, including losses implied by third country national status, and look forward to hearing from the Ambassador on how the rights of British citizens in Spain will be safeguarded after Brexit.”


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

It remsins to be seen when this "Brexit " Dilemma is eventually concluded. Just what the Ambassador et al will have achieved, or delivered for the Ex Pat Community. I doubt it ALL.


Nick / Hace over 2 years

Mr Ambassador, they do NOT represent British nationals living in Spain. They only represent those British nationals who want to remain in the EU. I find it strange that you agree to first meet with those who are opposed to your party and prime minister’s and, I am in no doubt, of your Head of State’s policy and preferences. There are many of us who live here and also respect the rule of law, democracy and the wishes of the majority of our fellow citizens. Thank you.