Juan Prats confessed to the brutal assault on his former partner in Campos. | A. Sepúlveda


Juan Prats, who attacked his ex-wife with a hammer on Wednesday, has been ordered to be held on remand in Palma prison and bail has been denied.

Juan Prats was arrested by the Guardia Civil in Campos on Wednesday after he had stopped a local police patrol and told officers that he had hit his wife and that she was in a very bad way.

Around quarter past one in the afternoon, the couple had an argument. The woman, Benita Anneli Buñola Sinkkonen, was struck on the head and in the chest. There was a call to the 061 emergency ambulance service. Police officers and medics from 061 went to an address on the Calle Escorial and found that the woman was close to death. It took an hour to stabilise her before she was rushed to Son Espases Hospital in a critical condition.

The couple have been separated for two months. Juan Prats lives in the apartment in Campos. Benita Anneli Buñola had apparently gone to the apartment at one o’clock, having earlier taken her children to school. Yesterday she remained in hospital in a critical condition but was said to be improving.