Rosa Estaras. | Jason Moore

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaràs has called on European leaders to ensure that no EU citizen living in the UK nor any UK residents in EU countries will be left "unprotected" as a result of Brexit.

Following a debate in Strasbourg, Estaràs stated that Brexit is the consequence of the lack of responsibility by some leaders and of bad decisions which threaten European citizens. The former vice-president of the Balearics noted that more than 40,000 UK citizens are resident in the Balearics. They should not be "abandoned" because of Brexit, and she highlighted the resolution of the European Parliament to "minimise the damage" for people.

Estaràs observed that in the Balearics alone there are ninety British businesses which could be affected. She also drew attention to the impact on tourism of a further fall in the value of the pound. The MEP concluded that "we are going to everything necessary so that none of our citizens - Spanish, British or other Europeans - feel stranded by governmental institutions".