British Labour MP John McDonnell is seen in the conference centre of the Labour party annual conference in Brighton. | PETER NICHOLLS


The British government should have stepped in with a temporary rescue package for collapsed travel firm Thomas Cook, the opposition Labour Party's finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Monday.

"I'm disappointed ... I just think the government should have been willing to just do more: intervene, stabilise the situation and then allow a longer term plan to develop," McDonnell told the BBC.

Labour's McDonnell says Thomas Cook bosses should pay back bonuses

Thomas Cook bosses should have to pay back any bonuses they have received, Britain's opposition Labour Party finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Monday following the travel firm's collapse.

McDonnell, asked if executives should have to repay bonuses, said: "Too right."

"I think they need to really examine their own consciences about how they've brought this about and how they themselves have exploited the situation," he told BBC radio, speaking from Labour's annual conference in Brighton.