A group of British holidaymakers forced out of their hotel in Magalluf. | R.L.


While the Balearic government has stated that everything is going to plan, some British holiday makers have been forced out of their hotels.

Fortunately, a popular bar in Magalluf came to the aid one of group after posting on its Facebook site that it was offering free food and drink to victims of Thomas Cook.

The owner of the bar told the Bulletin that a group of five young men turned up looking for help after they had been told by reception to either pay 1,800 euros for their final night or leave the hotel. That was the entire cost of their Majorca break which they had already paid for months ago in the UK, they certainly were not paying again. So, having spotted the Facebook message they went to the bar where the owner, out of his own pocket, found them a hotel for their final night and offered them free drink and food on their last evening.

“It’s was not their fault Thomas Cook went bust and some of these hotels have made millions over the years, it was a disgrace what they were demanding just for one night. It does not say much for some of the Majorcan hoteliers and our image.

“Not only did we, as a Magalluf business want to help, we were also thinking about the future.

“We don’t want people going home with a bad taste in their mouths, we want them to come again, they are our livelihoods,” the bar owner said.

Another group of six girls followed suit and were looked after as well while other bars and restaurants in the resort offered similar help and assistance.

“It’s the least we could do. I can’t afford it at cost price, why can’t the hotels, it costs nothing.”