Overcrowding on a train. | J. ROIG


The Association of Train Users is complaining about overcrowding on the service from Lloseta to Palma during the morning rush hour. The association's spokesperson, Guillem Ramis, says that there are too many passengers for too few trains. Between seven and eight in the morning, three trains run from Lloseta to Palma, and these aren't sufficient, he adds. (There are in fact four trains at 07.00, 07.20, 07.43, and 08.00.)

Although the service from Lloseta to Palma registers the most overcrowding, the association explains that this is a problem that extends across the whole rail network at peak times.

In addition to problems with the trains, there can also be issues with buses. On Tuesday for example, notes the group of users of TIB services, there were delays on services in the southeast and southwest of Majorca. These were due to the level of traffic and to the number of stops made by the buses. Journeys into Palma were taking more than an hour.

The group believes that there will be no solution until the government and the Council of Majorca get serious about creating specific lanes for buses and vehicles with "high occupancy". Spokesperson Marc Crespí says that "it is useless to create more lanes if public transport has to suffer the same congestion because of private vehicles".