Friday climate strikes in Palma. | Pere Bota

The Balearic government has started the process of declaring a climate emergency in the Balearics. The minister for energy transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, has asked all government departments to notify him of specific measures they are adopting in the fight against climate change rather than mere statements of intent.

The ministry will also be preparing a document that will guide the Balearics in participating in the climate change fight. This document will be integral to the government declaring a climate emergency in the next few weeks. Responses from government departments, says the energy transition ministry, are expected to cover matters such as a reduction in carbon footprint, the fostering of local agriculture and more sustainable tourism.

In Palma, Mayor Hila has issued a proclamation calling on the public to be involved in the fight against climate change because of the "global emergency situation". Hila says that the legal system permits the town hall to change direction in terms of public spending in order to "reverse this phenomenon". He accepts that there are many challenges in bringing about transformation, and is so therefore appealing for "an alliance with all the citizenship". With all personnel and services at the town hall having objectives of tackling climate change, the town hall is giving its support to the Friday climate strike.

In Minorca, meanwhile, the Monday meeting of the Council of Minorca unanimously agreed to a declaration of climate emergency.