Jet2 has increased low-season flights to Palma. | R.S.


The Palma 365 Tourism Foundation, which has been working closely with Jet2holidays in promoting the city, has organised a familiarisation trip for fifteen Jet2 executives. This is the second "fam" trip to have been arranged this year.

The airline has increased low-season flights to Palma over the past three years. These have played a significant role in Palma 365's development of the city's winter tourism.

The trip is lasting four days. The executives will be able to get first-hand knowledge of what the city has to offer, such as restaurants, historic buildings and monuments, iconic shops, and businesses which organise activities.

For the low season, Jet2 will be engaged in a co-marketing promotion with Palma 365 that is designed to raise the city's profile among potential British visitors. Palma is one of five Spanish cities that Jet2 promotes as a city break destination.