One one night alone he made 11 fraudulent withdrawals.

05-10-2019Jaume Morey

A 53-year-old Romanian pleaded guilty yesterday to having fraudulently withdrawn 4,680 euros from ATMs in Magalluf in 2017.

Using a card that had been issued in Romania and devices for card readers and the cash dispensers, he was able to fool the system into cancelling requests for money while at the same dispensing them. There were, therefore, no charges made against the card.

On one night in April he carried out three operations in the space of one hour at the same ATM on the Calle Martín Ros García. Each operation netted 600 euros. On the same night he targeted an ATM on Calle Calderón de la Barca. By half six in the morning, he had used this ATM on eight occasions and had withdrawn 360 euros each time.

He was sentenced to twenty-one months, which is suspended for three years, and has to repay the money within two years.

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S.O. / Hace over 2 years

The nerve, Mike? After Brexit you will be checking our Spanish passports when we enter the UK. We will no longer be able to enter just with our ID cards or through special EU border gates. So what makes you think we (Spain) shouldn’t then be checking yours in a similar fashion like we already do for all non EU countries. After all Brexit is your choice not ours!


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Shouldn't it be the case that if you are convicted of a serious crime in a host country you get deported to your country of origin and banned from coming back?


Lawrie / Hace over 2 years

So lets get this straight, he scammed 4,680 euros in one night, yet that seemingly was the total for 2017......aye right. Try more cards, lots more cards that couldn't be linked to him.


Mike / Hace over 2 years

And you still let the scum in and you have the nerve to want to check our passports after brexit you need to stop free movement like the uk 🇬🇧


James / Hace over 2 years

Pretty nifty. And, how does that work? Asking for a friend.


Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

In effect - he´s got away with it. He can change his name, get himself a new passport, do it all again. Don´t hold your breath till money is repaid, because I´m sure it won´t be. A suspended sentence is little more than a free rein to do it all again. So much for justice.