Using a mobile while driving is illegal

As well as check points, Mallorca now has traffic drones that can recognise when drivers are on their mobiles.


The Guardia Civil in cooperation with 18 local police forces across the Balearics, caught 129 drivers illegally using their mobile phones during a week-long operation carried out at the end of last month.

According to Guardia Civil traffic chiefs, the illegal use of mobile phones is the most common distraction for drivers.

The operation involved the police mounting 177 check points and 7,251 vehicles were inspected to make sure they were equipped with hands-free devices and that they were in working order.

Other drivers were caught infringing the law by the traffic police helicopter and roadside cameras. 21 more drivers were caught wearing earphones, also illegal.


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Fred / Hace over 2 years

How I wish those idiots caught talking on phones whilst driving. Should have their Licences withdrawn and banned from driving for 5 years. Unless serious punishment is administered there will continue to be major accidents and deaths.