Boats at Andratx

Boat owners plan to block entry to the Town Hall in Andratx in protest of the plan. Archive photo


Boat owners in Andratx are planning to stage a demonstration next Friday by parking trucks, excavators, trailers with boats and other machinery in front of the Town Hall to protest agains the closure of dry docks.

The new Plan of Intervention of Tourist Arias, or PIAT, is considering the possibility of only keeping dry marinas for vessels with a maximum length of eight metres and the Association of People Affected in Rustic Land of Mallorca has requested a meeting with members of the government team led by Mayor Katia Rouarch next Friday to discuss this and other issues.

In the meantime those affected by the closures are insisting that they be allowed to continue to use the dry docks for maintenance and storage until the legislature is approved. Representatives of the Association of People Affected in Rustic Land of Mallorca plans to address the meeting to urge the government team to adapt to the new Subsidiary Norms (NNSS) of the municipality the polygons of tertiary use, where storage of waste, construction material and parking of machinery is developed, which has also been closed.

During the last legislature, the Consistory was forced to decree the closure of dry marinas for its activity on rustic land, but the former deputy mayor of Urban Planning, Jaume Porsell (PP), asked the Council a less restrictive regulation in relation to the location of the maintenance and hibernation deposits of boats, yachts and sailboats, because of the economic and labor impact closing these facilities would have.

In the allegations then submitted to the drafting of the PIAT, Jaume Porsell demanded that the decision to place the dry marinas a maximum distance of three kilometres from the Puerto Andratx area be reconsidered.


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Ricky / Hace over 2 years

Another example of local legislation that twists life here in knots for no real valid reason. As I have indicated before, my reasons to live here are dwindling. This does not affect me personally but it’s just another indicator. Shame.