The local residents have denounced the owner but say they will continue to feed the sheep. | Michel's


Despite the torrential rain and strong winds on Sunday, several people from Andratx went to Camí del Prat to rescue a flock of sheep so that the animals wouldn’t starve.

The group responded to a call on social networks to take food to the sheep and said that some obviously hadn’t eaten for a long time because they rushed over and started eating as soon as the food was put down.

The farmer who owns the sheep has allegedly been the subject of many complaints for not feeding his animals.

The group have issued a new complaint to the Local Police, the Guardia Civil of Seprona, the Environment Departments at the City Council and the Balearic Government and claim that they’ve had a lot of support from other residents but were told that "the farmer is broke so they can’t do anything.”

For now the group will continue to feed the sheep but say they’re angry that people are allowed to treat animals badly and let them die of hunger.